MantaMedia Digital is a cross platform digital media studio - taking brands to the next level.

We aim to convey our client’s message using the right tone of voice, no matter who it’s directed at.

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About usWe tend to practice design as a problem-solving discipline applicable to more than just aesthetics. A proven way to improve the quality of products, services and make a tangible difference to people’s lives.

We are constantly connected to the evolution of our cultural environment. We are passionate, anxious to further enrich our knowledge and grow the quality of our creations.

Striving to assist our clients in choosing the right picture, with a subtle blend of aesthetics, accuracy and freshness.

Our philosophyAnxious to establish a long-term collaboration, we rely on a consistent job and a real relationship. Sharing, listening and trust between the client and the studio to us is essential. Clear dialogue, without artifice, is probably the best way to work together.

Our greatest satisfaction is certainly the loyalty of our customers over time.

We provide creative solutions across all media; taking brands to the next level.

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How we work

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    We believe that a well-designed website or interface is a thing of beauty — but unlike some agencies we’re equally focused on the aesthetic and technical aspects. For us it’s all about clear, usable design and using the most up-to-date web technologies to create great user experiences.
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    We work on both large and small projects. Our pricing and planning structures are bespoke to fit individual needs. We believe in being objective in our outlook.
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    We have worked hard to achieve our reputation, and whether we’re working for small start-ups or high profile corporations we apply the same levels of thought, care and attention to detail.

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